We specialize in providing I.T. support services for small and medium businesses.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, we deliver quality, cost-effective services to growing small-to-medium businesses throughout Australia.

Intelligen Technology Solutions

We offer pro-active maintenance and a long-term strategic plans for your I.T.

We devise, test, implement, and review everything we do as we are constantly in the process of developing our service to ensure that you get the most from your service plan.

We will always guarantee:-

  • Our service will offer the best value for money for I.T. services and support.
  • We will listen to your needs and give you answers that make sense without the technobabble.
  • When you need us we will be there. Onsite, on the phone or via remote support.
  • We will communicate and review your I.T. needs on a regular basis.
  • We provide recommendations to minimise any short falls that may be developing in your I.T. resources.

Business and I.T. News

12 Jul 2017

Scary things!

Some of the scariest things on the web are virus's, scams, malware and phishing. Over the next couple of months, we are going to give you some information about these and how to avoid them..

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12 Jul 2017

Micro Business Systems

Full integration and simplicity! There is no shortage of fabulous sounding applications that will save you time and help you run your business from anywhere in the world.

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09 Jun 2017

Cloud or Not to Cloud

There is not much mystery left surrounding Cloud Computing. Generally we all know that the cloud is a raft of servers belonging to a wide range of businesses and one way or another we want our own bit of that server.  But which one? What organisation do we choose and how do we protect ourselves when things go wrong?  

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22 Jul 2014

Facebook Fine Print

SO, LIKE every other one of the world’s 1.28 billion monthly active Facebook users, you blindly agreed to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions without reading the fine print. You entrusted your photo albums, private messages and relationships to a website without reading its policies. And you do the same with every other site ... sound about right? In your defence...

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