Based in Melbourne, Victoria, we deliver quality, cost-effective services to growing small-to-medium businesses throughout Australia.

We offer pro-active maintenance and a long-term strategic plans for your I.T. We devise, test, implement, and review everything we do as we are constantly in the process of developing our service to ensure that you get the most from your service plan.

With over 20 years combined industry experience, we have provided cost-effective and common-sense advice.

We will always guarentee

  • Our service will offer the best value for money for I.T. services and support.
  • We will listen to your needs and give you answers that make sense without the technobabble.
  • We send regular reports on what is occurring with your I.T. We will review and highlight these reports to ensure that you are in always in the "loop"
  • We provide recommendations to minimise any short falls that may be developing in your I.T. resources.


Our Management Team



 Charles Foletta

Charles began with electronic engineering in the 1980’s, using Computer Aided Design and programming microcontrollers. His interest naturally progressed into computers with various certifications in Operating Systems and applications. Combined with over 3 decades of onsite experience as a Systems Administrator in both the public and private sector illustrates Charles continued desire to develop his skills and competencies within the industry. Experience provided Charles with an appreciation of his client’s needs while his skillset and commitment has ensured customer satisfaction. Charles has recently discovered the joys of parenthood, temporarily putting his interests in fly fishing, and cue sports aside.

Shamus Dougan (B.Sc, B.E)

Shamus started with in the industry over 20 years ago providing technical and specialist support to both Primary and Secondary schools through out Victoria. During this time he learnt how important it is to bring common sense and practical knowledge into technology solutions. Shamus has being recognised nationally for leading small and large project teams through out Australia in outsourcing I.T. projects for large national and multinational companies. He has a passion for bringing the latest in Hardware and software inovations to out into the real world, and enjoys seeing the improvements that they make to every day situations